Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Identity Theft Help For Military Veterans

There is something special and commanding about the presence of a soldier in uniform. Whether or not you agree with the politics behind different wars that are being fought, one thing is certain: a soldier in battle is heroic. But there are some battles soldiers should never have to endure. The battle of identity restoration is one of them.

A victim of identity theft has to endure a bad credit rating, higher interest rates, etc. military personnel have other obstacles that they must overcome if they have been a victim of identity theft. Their security status and the opportunity for promotion might be put on the line by a bad credit history that may not belong to them.

The U. S. military has determined that Identity theft is such a serious threat that special precautions and are being taken to protect military personnel and their families from unnecessary risk and exposure. Currently, steps are being taken to minimize the risks posed exclusively to servicemen and women.New RFID technology is currently used to protect against Identity Theft

Veterans hospitals in many parts of the United States,use wrist bands printed with the full (nine digits) social security numbers.This greatly increases a patient's risk of having his or her identity stolen. It makes them vulnerable to other  personnel, working for the hospital.

In addition, we have created a toll-free Identity Theft Resource Line for Veterans and their beneficiaries to call for more information or if they suspect that their identities may have been compromised.  The toll-free number is 855-578-5492.

For More Information On VA Identity Theft Help Line

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