Sunday, November 1, 2015

Child identity theft

The Bureau of Justice Statistics announced that 17.6 million U.S. residents were victims of identity theft in 2014. The Identity Theft and Restoration Center Augusta, An Identity Theft service organization in Augusta,Ga that helps victims, reported a 300 percent rise in calls during 2014 period related to child identity theft.

Child identity theft can go on for years before being detected. It's also extremely common.By looking ahead you can minimize the chances of your childrens identity will be impacted.
When enrolling your children for school, students and parents expose a number of personal documents with school administrators, from medical records to social Security numbers and residential addresses. When sharing this information, it's important that certain measures are taken to ensure that student identity is protected.

When your child is old enough to understand, sit them down with you and teach them how to read the credit report and teach them why a good credit score is important for the future.

1.Keep your children's personal information in a safe location.
  Carrying around your children's Social Security cards, birth certificates or passports is never a
  wise idea. It's better to store them in a safe and locked place at home, and take them out only
  when needed.

2.Don't share your childs Social Security numbers with everyone.The child's social security number
  Should only be used when necessary.When asked to provide your child's Social Security
  number,inquire as to why it's needed and what policies are in place to ensure that it is

3.Train your children to recognize identity theft.Parents should inform children about the risks
  involved, and educate them on how to protect personal information.

The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), schools are required to notify parents and guardians about their school-directory policy. Parents and guardians should be informed about any third parties that the information is sold to, allowing you to opt out from the release of such information.

Young children can be victims of identify theft.Even very young children are at risk.
One reason is because most kids have squeaky clean credit ratings. They have probably never taken out credit, which means they have never been late with a payment. Another is that the identify thieves know that the crime can go undetected for many years. Most people periodically check their credit report or take out loans or credit cards or rental applications, and if their ID has been stolen, they will probably find out. A child may not find out until he or she applies for a student loan or a credit card, which usually doesn't happen till they're nearly 18.

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