Saturday, November 15, 2014

Money Is Not The Only Value Identity Theft Victims Lose

The personal data of over 100 million americans were stolen this year in cyber-attacks.The source of the Identity Theft was stolen data from  banks,retailers,hospitals and other institutions.

According to Terrell McSweeny, a member of the Federal Trade Commission the emotional impact can be "life-altering,"She went on to say It's essential "to remember that there is a human face on each of these ID crimes.

Problems associated with Identity Theft go well beyond canceling a stolen card or changing a PIN. Criminals file false tax forms or falsify identities to get utility service, open Bank accounts and obtain Drivers Licenses. Some victims have had their names wrongly invoked in auto accident reports and court records of other people's crimes. Victims say the violation brings with it anger, shame and even suicidal thoughts.

While theft of credit card information remains the most common type of cyber fraud it only accounts for about 16% of Identity Theft in the United States.The good news is it is the easiest type to detect and also the easiest to Correct. medical identity theft is growing.

It can result in victims being held accountable for medical treatment and drugs they didn't receive.Just imagine the danger of finding another person's health information in their medical records. They can be treated for problems not associated with them and have life threatening diseases ignored.They can be denied employment due unfavorable and incorrect information related to recreational drug use.

There hasn't been an some effort involving doctors and hospitals to combat medical ID theft the same way the financial services industry has done.There is still no protection,only Restoration..

Identity theft resource cheat sheet

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. You must keep track of a lot of personal information and always on point...