Monday, September 1, 2014

Criminal Identity Theft Augusta, Ga

Criminal Identity Theft starts when an Identity thief gives another person’s personal
information such as name, driver’s license, date of birth, or Social
Security number to a law Police officer during an arrest or during an
investigation.The imposter may present a phony drivers license or other
forms of ID containing another person’s data.

The thief is cited for a traffic violation or for a misdemeanor violation and is released from arrest.The thief signs the citation and promises to appear in court.When the thief does not show up for court,the magistrate may issue a bench warrant, but the warrant for arrest will be under the victim's name.Everyday hundreds are wrongly arrested.Law enforcement has to trust their data base because everyone say's that "I didn't do it".

The burden of clearing one’s name within the criminal justice system is primarily on the victim.
If  Identity theft restoration is not successful, there are many consequences to the victim.

Identity theft can have devastating consequences for you, as the victim, who may face long hours of closing bank and credit accounts, opening new ones, and repairing your now public credit record.Identity Theft  Restoration may take time to clear your good name often more than 600 hours. During that down time, you may be denied jobs, loans, education, housing, and cars.You may even be arrested for crimes you didn’t commit. Unfortunately for victims of identity theft that is the experience of thousands. For some it will take years, to navigate the frustrating identity-recovery process.

The Federal Trade Commission reports that as many as 9 million American have had their identities stolen each year.That has created a market that has not been touched yet.

Identity theft resource cheat sheet

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. You must keep track of a lot of personal information and always on point...